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Although the parts and components offered by Almas Rayan Iranian Company hold the top quality and low faulty percentage, regarding the customers-oriented principle in 2007, the warranty department was established with an independent structure aiming to offer modern services in the area of repair, maintenance, and technical consultation under the brand name of ALMAS IRAN.

Observing the customer’s right, responsibility against customer’s requirements and their satisfaction are the most outstanding bonuses of ALMAS IRAN in line with customer-oriented and warranty services.

Personnel of department are under constant IT & ICT related education so as to offer practical and scientific points to remove the breakdowns and presenting necessary advice to customers.

High knowledge and skills of the employees and also advanced equipment and test devices have caused to receive so many components of the market, even with different guarantee supplier tags, by this department for repair and additional services.

Meanwhile there are 21 branches available in other states in order to provide similar services to customers all over Iran.

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